Get to know me


August 21st, 2014


I want to start off with something a little unorthodox as a way for you to get to know me!

Okay I know this was an unusual topic to pick for a blog post but my name has a lot of worth behind it and growing up it was defiantly something a struggled with. As a girl I was very much a Tomboy, or a girl who displayed behaviors associated with what boys and how they behave. I always was always out playing sports or running around my neighborhood as a kid so the name Anastasia and the idea of princess behavior was not an ideal for me but I’m getting a little ahead of myself I should start at the beginning.

My parents had the hardest time naming me so they actually resorted to a baby book they started in the A’s as one does… ya know since its in the beginning of the book. They came across the name Anastasia and they both fell in love with it! And my dad tells me its because of his Aunt Anna. It was a way he could name me after someone he was so close to and my mum thought it was a beautiful name that could be kept long to be professional or it could be shortened into a number of nicknames. All growing up I always went by Anna and other then silly neighborhood nicknames I was given by the local kids, it was all I responded to.

I would always correct anyone who called me by my full name saying that Anastasia was way to girlie and since I had been bored 6 months BEFORE the Disney adaptation of the Russian princess I would always be compared to her. I HATED being compared to the princess. I would introduce myself to people as Anna and when Anastasia was called for attendance at school my classmates would react like she was not a student in the class. To them there she did not exist. One boy found that my disliking for the name was a tool for teasing. When I was 11 or 12 a very close family friend was watching over me and my brothers when she told me how she knew of an girl with the same name as me, who spelt the nickname Ana with only one N. I loved this new, grown up, way to write my name and that is how Ive been writing it ever since.

The point of this blog was to say, that it takes time to in brace things you don’t absolutely love about yourself. I now love my full name and informally I do still introduce myself as Ana but at work or around my parents friends I will introduce myself as Anastasia. Being feminine does not take away my ability to wear sweat pants and sneakers. It doesn’t mean I have to always wear high heals either! (thank god… I am way to uncoordinated for that!!) SO embrace what you may not like or at least know one day you will appreciate them 🙂

I challenge you to find out how you where named and the history behind it!

Stay lovely darlings xoxo

Ana (:


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