When everyone else seems to have it together


August 24th, 2014

Comparing Yourself to Others

So all of my friends are starting these amazing adventures since we are all about to be college freshmen. Many of they are going off to stay at small liberal arts schools or are moving to the city to start their dreams to become a cancer research scientist. As we all know much to well college costs a lot. I had gotten into my dream school back in the spring and I was over the moon, all until that wonderful financial aid letter came in the mail and my dream school was looking more and more like… well a dream.

It was time to go back to the drawing board and really look at my options. I have a big family so college was all on me; the books, meal plan, dorm accessories and most importantly the thousands of dollars in debt.

At this point I was down to two options One – A miracle because getting the privet loans was not possible or Two- Community College for a year and transferring.

There was also this other HUGE problem to my college decision, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in (Still don’t for the record) so wasting twenty-two thousand dollars to not like what I was studding seemed like a really dumb move. So My decision was to go with plan B. I would live with my parents one more year… get a part time job (I got a position as a store manager the day after I turned 18 – take that ageists) and I am taking General Education classes.

As I wait for the school year to begin with a full bag and a cute outfit in hand I have my fingers crossed that I made the right decision. (and I really hope I did because whenever I ver towards thinking I didn’t my dad takes it as a personal offense)

I haven’t experienced community college yet so I don’t know if I am making the right choice. I know I am making the financially responsible choice (the words sound grown up so thats always a good sign… right?) and I know that my family needs me around this year because a lot of things are happening so it was also a good choice on that front. Im hoping that once I start classes and get to know my professors it becomes clear that it was most defiantly the right choice. Fingers crossed!!

So if you are also taking an extra year, staying with your family and saving a few bucks CHEERS and lets start this year off not with what ifs but with a lets do it together attitude!



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