Baking with a nine year old

August 25th, 2014

Black and White Cookies

My sister and I decided to make some cookies today as a final summer activity before the school year started. We both made lists at the start of summer (early june) of twenty five things we each wanted to do. My had things like “get a job” and “order books for school” while hers had a few more fun activities like “draw some pictures” and of course “make cookies”.
I had been putting it off all summer, first it was planning a graduation party and then job hunting. I was working on my list,
and with her going back tomorrow we were running out of time.
It was cookie baking day. We used the cake boss cookbook – Here’s the recipe
black and white cookies
I would recommend using an old fashioned ice cream scoop because we had some cookie shaping issues at the end. (trust me on this one)
Here are some photos of our adventure in baking!!

THE INGREDIENTS – you will also need water for the double boiler –
Creaming the butter and sugar ❤ P.S she made her apron – it was once a curtain


Yumm putting the chocolate on the cookies! that smear of melted chocolate on her face may or may not have been from me. Hey when she looks back at childhood getting a chocolate cheek will not be one of the worst things to happen to her. (:

I told her and I’m gonna pass the wisdom on to you, you can’t taste the appearance of a cookie. The outside doesn’t matter (they tasted good… in the end isn’t that all that matters?). In fact sometimes the not so perfect ones, the ones with a funny story and some character are the best ones! ^.^

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