Not So Great First Day

Hello lovelies! ❤

Today was my very first day of college *cheers* wait no not so much for the cheering, hold the cheering. I found out that the math class I am in will not transfer when I switch schools next fall. When I went to sign up for classes I was told specifically that the credits would in fact transfer but as soon as I read the syllabus I learned this was not in fact the case. I spoke to my professor after class and she verified that the credits would not be transferring as a math credit. I will be able to use this class for credit except it will be transferring as an elective. If only I had gotten those ten extra points on the SATs! Uhh don’t take advise from old crabby soon to retire admissions councilors ladies and gents.

On a better note I had lunch by this amazing river and I bought myself some chewy chocolate chip cookies and salt&vinegar chips to feel better. Yummm comfort food. Now you can go back to cheering!

I hope you all had better luck on your first few days of class! I have higher hopes for tomorrow! (I also have to go to the library to get my student ID… i keep forgetting/being to lazy to go…)



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