Be Carful What You Say

September 10th, 2014

Hateful YouTube Comments

Mean comments from a viewers perspective. Time to get serious because this is becoming a terrible trend within the online community.

For some reason people feel the need to post rude, disgusting things on Youtube videos. They make this content for your enjoyment whether it is their career and they provide for themselves and their family by it or they just do it because they have fun doing it they are putting themselves out there for your enjoyment. You don’t have to pay for most of the content on youtube, it is completely free to access if you have internet connection.

Some channels are sponsored so they will have a small plug within their video, sponsorship or brand deals are a tool that companies use if they feel that a youtuber fits within a demographic of potential customers. If the person running the channel wants to have these brand deals or sponsorships THAT IS THERE CHOICE!!! They have put in the work to get recognized and a company finds them fitting enough for their cliental to invest in the channels future success. If you don’t like brand deals then fast forward the video. Its ten to thirty seconds of the video I promise you wont be missing all that much!

HATE = BULLING!!! I don’t know if people realize this but leaving hate comments is cyberbullying! It is one thing to state your opinion and give constructive criticism. These channels want feedback other then GREAT VIDEO I LOVE YOU. You can say what you need to without put downs, derogatory language, or over all cruelty. If you wouldn’t want someone to say what you are writing to you don’t post it.

Be nice to each other,


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