Warm Cookies

November 11th, 2014

Creating Expectations

(Authors note: I work at a music hall. The people I work closely with include; security, management, sound engineers, bartenders, and wait staff)

The other day I made some cookies and brought them into work. Everyone was very sweet and really enjoyed the effort I put into the cookies… or so I thought. The next day when I went into work I was asked by three different people if I had brought more cookies with me and jokes where made about people wanting me for my cookies.
Please keep in mind I am not hurt by this, quite the contrary this made me think a lot about human nature, creating expectations and mental processing. After one in counter with me giving my coworkers food it created this Pavlov like salivating reaction.
This might be from the long hours we work due to the field I am in (I work in a concert hall) or due to the fact that a lot of us working are 18-35 and home made cookies are at some what of a premium.
No matter what the reason for the reaction I got, I learned that if you bring cookies to a bunch of hungry, sweets loving music enthusiasts they will love you forever (or at least the rest of the day)

Stay cute yall
~Ana (:

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