Writing a Novel?

Life update #2, I’m writing a novel! Wow! Big surprise right? Some young kid thinks she can put out a book when she can’t even keep up on her blog.

I started the novel when I was a Jr. in high school and to say the direction of the book has changed a hundred times might just be an understatement. When I started this project the characters were one-dimensional and the storyline was predictable. I am over a hundred pages into it (and after 2 years you would think I would be further along but turns out finishing high school and starting college+working 40 hours a week kills the mood!) No more excuses! I wanted it to be done by graduation, that didn’t happen, but I am very happy with the fact that 16-year-old Ana had a part in this as well as 19-year-old Ana who will probably be the one to finish it. (I’m 18 now) Through this process, I have learned to compromise with my characters. As much as I want them to thrive and be noble with the right set of morals and have all the right answers, my protagonist is 17 years old with a brain tumor. She most definitely does not have the right answers. Being of such close age to my character, relating to her is much easier but keep having to remind myself I am not her. I’ve never been a soccer star, an only child or had a brain tumor.In fact each day I write and almost every situation I write about I try to fact check it with the help of a medical study or newspaper article, I ask people with similar conditions what they would do in the given situation. This is my first novel to boot so there is a big learning curve.

I need to get better at posting more regularly! I’ll do my best.

xoxo my lovelies


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