Police Brutality

March 23rd, 2015

Are They Going to Far?

I want to go into the criminal justice department but before I do we need to have a discussion on police brutality.

First and foremost we need to accept that police brutality is a very real problem that not only needs to be identified but also needs a solution. Many police officers can be racially bias, this is due to years of jaded interactions with a few bad people. This is due to a psychological and sociological problem called generalization. Many blue collar neighborhoods have lighter skinned upper management  and darker skinned baseline work.

This is due to the unfair starting places I.E in larger cities they have fewer funds for more children and the result of this is less in-depth education. Inner cities lack computer labs therefore they are unable to teach necessary work skills. They also lack after-school programs such as sports and clubs. The result of this is instead of having a structured day after school gets out they have nothing to do and when children are not under supervision they tend to get into trouble. This is just the beginning of the problem.

I will continue to address this problem in the future post but for now, discuss what you think in the comments!

Let’s open the conversation.

Be nice to each other my lovelies


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