Just a Thought

April 9th, 2015

Religious Freedom

Religion and the constant flow of “only ask for god when you need him” to some this is the only religion they need. Some are happy with no religion at all, many have different views then you, let’s stop religion shaming, yeah okay. This is a very touchy subject to a lot of people. When I see posts on Instagram or Facebook, shaming people who only go to a higher power when they need help it makes me kinda angry. You are allowed to be an Easter/Christmas Christian and you’re also allowed to get annoyed at them for taking parking all the parking spots twice a year. What you should not be doing is putting the other side down because of your personal views.

This doesn’t end at Christianity, though this is where my knowledge is. I bet similar situations occur in all religious practices. I am almost positive that God doesn’t love the Easter/Christmas folks anymore or less than the every week folks. Some very spiritual people don’t attend an organized service at all and that’s perfectly acceptable as well.

Just because someone has a different way to show their personal beliefs then you, doesn’t take away from the validity of your own beliefs so please don’t take away from theirs.

Just a bit of a ramble, food for thought my lovelies


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