Being ironic

April 24th, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have a lot of favorite things; giraffes, hummus, a warm fire and a hot chocolate. As a young adult women these are fairly normal favorite things to have, almost cliché. But one of my most favorite things is irony. When the final result is so far from what was expected it’s comical. I like plot twists and jaw droppers. I like when unexpected things come from mundane places.
I like to paint but sometimes I like how my accidental palate looks more then how my intentional piece does. I like when I trip, fall, my pants tare and it looks like it was intentional. Not that I’m just an absolute cluts. I like when I think I completely fail a test but end up getting an A. I like when I’m having a terrible day and my friend calls me to rehearse a comedic monolog for an upcoming audition.
Some of these things aren’t typical irony or really ironic at all. But on the bright side, this post is still more ironic the the song. You know the one.

Keep life interesting my lovelies,
Do something out of character

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