Short Story number 2

July 21st, 2015

A letter to my Future Grandchild.

Dear my little one,

Today you asked me what it was like when I was young and if it was different than today.

The sun still burns as bright as it did when I was a child. The earth still turns at the same rate and we have the same pull on the moon that I had on my first boyfriend in high school. Just close enough to know that its there. Doing its job to keeping our oceans full and our nights bright but just far enough away to never quite feel its touch.

The trees still breath new life each spring to turn that crisp shade of orange that I so loved when I was learning how to tie my shoes. By winter’s first breath the leaves are gone only to be replaced with the cold air that reminds your lungs that they are in fact still breathing.

Teachers still bring the work of 100 different children home each night to go over closely, they do this for your benefit not their own, so child remember this when you think you know more then your teacher does. On the rare occasion that your teacher shows their humanity and gives you incorrect information, have the drive to seek out your own truths and don’t be so fast to agree with the information given to you. If you find your information varies from theirs, remember the respect I told you to have for my child and your mother. This same respect should be given to your teacher.

Love still feels the same; my mother and grandmother saw messages through letters passes between classes and under desks. I saw bright screens buzzing with the anticipation of final bell, you will have a new way of communication but the same fears will still come with it. From the quick bite of rejection that leave a raw sting on your heart like a bee, feeling sharp at first but dulling in quick time to the shock of the end of your first love. This feel more like a tick, it attaches itself to you and the longer you let it sit there before you remove it the longer the pain will continue. Love is the most wonderful, frightening, accelerating emotion you can have. Take it for all the pain because when you find the right person it will be worth it. Don’t be afraid to trust because I did for a long time and it only held me back from living.

Friendship will not look like the movies. Don’t look for people who make a good picture for others to like, look for a person whose picture you want to be in. Look for a friend who will think you’re crazy for wanting to talk at 3am but their phone plays a special song just to tell them it’s you and it’s important. Have friends who want to put your favorite topping on the left side of the Sunday and theirs on the right, then take turns eating both sides of the Sunday. Friendship is about taking the best parts of each other and making them shine. It is also about loving each other for the parts that no one else gets to see, the bad habits and monsters under the bed. It’s about not questioning their faults but making them see that they are in fact their greatest strength. It means the person you match up with has a brain and a heart because you have those things, so much that it attracts others.

You will probably face challenges I can not advise you on, just as my mother and father did not understand concepts like cyberbullying and snapchat, you will have things that I will not understand.

So, my child, I promise to try to go into every conversation you have with me open-minded no matter the topic. I cannot promise I will agree with you, but I do promise I will listen to you with my whole heart and tell you what I truly think. I promise not to sugarcoat the bad stuff however I might tell it to you with a side of ice cream. I promise to never walk away.

Love your grandmother, we may have grown up in different times but the themes of life rarely change.

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