Tidbits about me, the easily distracted human


Hello by dear lovelies,

I am participating in Blog 101 this month and the first assignment is a little get to know me post so here we go.

I am the second oldest of six, a sophomore in college and an impromptu to novelist. I say this because I have been working on the same book for about three years on and off and when I do sit down to write it never seems to keep my attention very long.

I take to new things like a newspaper on fire, I get very into new things and dive in learning about as much as I possibly can over a three to six week period and them loose all interest and move on to the next thing.

Thankfully being a college student trying and pursuing several different interests is not only acceptable but encouraged. I have had so many cool jobs over the last few years. I have done the typical stuff, retail and waitressing, but I’ve also done lighting design and my current job is an assistant to an accountant. The cool thing is I didn’t apply to any of these jobs as an intern, they have all been hired positions. I got to attend 5 concerts a week in the fall, get a free dinner and help with meet & greets. Now I am working six days a week with some pretty fantastic women who are not only wonderful humans but are incredibly good at what they do.

I recently discovered that I don’t hate exercise. We aren’t in a full blown love affair but we are on speaking terms. Let’s call it comrades with a mutual agreement, my health.

My favorite kind of exercise is when you forget you’re working out, after dinner dance parties with my sister, simple hikes that just get your heart beating without making my inhaler a necessity and cartwheels in my front yard.

Last but certainly not least is my love of all things art. This includes music (alternative rock mostly but I do occasionally throw on top 40 or a country cutie) painting (almost always watercolor) and charcoal (this was the medium I wasn’t allowed to use for the first six pieces of my senior showcase in high school, my art teacher thought I should branch out… ) I can spend 5 hours in an art museum or equal the time in my room working on a piece. It’s very weird my normal inability to focus seems to melt away the second an idea pops into my head for a new project.

So there you have it a little more about me,



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