New School


I officially am better at taking breaks from blogging then actually blogging.

BUT DO NOT FEAR my lovelies, I am back. Maybe for a post or two hopefully longer.

I am in semester two of sophomore year, I attend SUNY Canton on track to get my B.T (Bachelors in Technology, I’ll make a post explaining the differences to a B.A or B.S) in Criminal Investigations.

I am taking four online classes this year, one last semester at home until I finally fly the coop and go off to school for a year and a half. (my final semester will be a semester-long internship off campus)

The classes I’m taking areeeee

  • Criminal investigations
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • And Intro to Info Tech

With week 3/15 coming close to a close this semester is almost a 3rd over and it just started!

In other news my parents are quickly getting to their *can officially get a mortgage because my dad’s last house sold 3 years ago date* Its actually been 6 years since we moved out but first time home buyers things are confusing and I can barely handle my criminal law class I don’t have time to learn home buying law too.

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