My Make-Up Story

Hi Everyone,

Today I did something I haven’t really done in the past. I went to my local drug store and bough just over $30 worth of new makeup products. (I know this is not much at all) I got bunch of ELF products. I got a baked nude eye shadow pallet, a black mascara, ivory concealer stick, concealer brush (that i prefer to use for eye shadow), and a pale lip stick.

After I bought the supplies I went home and I tried different looks according to blogs and YouTube videos I had seen recently.  This whole process got me thinking on how inexperienced I am with make-up. I do not wear any make up on a normal day, since its winter I have been using extra chap stick and lotions but nothing pigmented.

Using the make up made me realize just how little I know about it. With it on I felt like a joke, like a child using their moms kit for the first time. It was so bad I gave my little sister all my supplies and just let her play doing it completely over.

Not really understanding make-up doesn’t make me feel any less feminine and it gives me ten more minutes of sleep every morning but sometimes I do just want to have that perfect eye liner or the bright pop of a lip.

What is your make up story? What is your relationship to products?


(not a sponsored post, all my own thoughts)

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