Political Simplification

We have all seen those posts, the ones from our parents/aunts&uncles/older people in our lives. The posts that try to simplify being a Liberal for wanting communism or equality for everything regardless of effort. For instance the, you earn all your grades and Jane doesn’t even try so you should both get B- and split the difference. Its not about that its about me have an equal opportunity as Jane to have all the same opportunities. To have equal pay in equivalent positions, to have equal access to health care, to go to the store and be treated the same under theft policies. Neither of us should walk into a pubic building and be followed around because someone with more money or authority thinks we are going to walk out without paying. Neither of us should be turned away from a restaurant because of who we choice to bring as our date. We should both have an equal chance for success as well as failure.

It is not about giving free passes to those who do not care, it is about making sure those who wish to succeed have the means to do so.



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