NEW STUDIES SHOW, People are People too

Have you ever completely ignored your check out person, gave attitude to the waitstaff at a restaurant, been just a little too short with the tech support call in service or didn’t even say hi to your cabbie? News flash these people, they are people too. They have has just as long of a day as you have especially when it gets a little too close to closing time.

First and foremost these people have total control of your situation for the 15 minutes to two hours you have to deal with them. (Samantha, 2013)

Second of all, they are there to help you, they want to get you served and get you out asap. I’m sorry, you are not the MVP of that store or the restaurant and they do not wait eagerly for your arrival. They are much more eager for your depart. It may be a hard pill to swallow but… its the truth.

Finally, these people do not make the prices or decide how much of something to order. They get shipments from Corp. and they are already priced. In some occasions they may have a friends and family discount, I promise you will not even see the chance to receive it if you are a complete a** hole. If you have any chance in hell of getting that discount, just be nice. Start with hello, and if there really was a problem with your service go fill out the stupid survey after you leave.

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