Out of control


Its been a while since I did a very sit done and have a chat kind of post.

Alot has been happening latley, I got my first rejection as far as the book is concerned. That was much easier then I thought. It was all over email, I sent my query in along with my first 30 pages and I waited, and waited and waited. When i finally heard back it was a very quick we arent the right fit. I had definitely hoped for a yes but am really okay with the no. This just means that I am one step closer to finding the person who will work with me and my book to make it the best it can be.
Point 2, my dad is in the process of moving. Which means I am in the process of moving. 100% not glamorous I promis you. The days of pintrest boards and fun ideas are long gone and at this point I just want the whole process to be over. I want the few times a week I actually have a chance to speak with him to stop being overshadowed by spreadsheets and which dish set to buy.
The semester is also ending. Finals are coming up, classes are wrapping up and my tolarence for stupid is at an all time short. I cannot wait for the next few weeks to end.
This is why I have have been a bit come and go with posts latley but fingers crossed and knock on wood things will settle down in the next few weeks.

I wish you short study nights, lots of hearty meals and good luck on finals and writting bits.

I will post again soon pinkie swear!!



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