Change of Blog Title!

Me, Dazed and Confused.. also slightly blurry

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Sprinkles in my Tea! Here is a bit of a “Get to Know Me” Tag while I figure out what exactly I’m gonna do with this little corner of the internet! I did not make this tag but I lost the information on who did… so if this is yours Credit goes to where it is deserved. 

I would love to see what you guys have for answers!!


25 Get to Know Me Q’s

1. What is your middle name?: Marie, just like my Granny and my Late Great Gramma ❤

2. What was favorite subject at school?: SCIENCE! and I also love history.

3. What is your favorite drink?: Arnold Palmer or Cranberry and Sprite

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: Wasted by The Summer Set (Anybody a Halfmoonkid??) (also this is going up on a Monday, how was your weekend??)

5. What is your favorite food?: My favorite is a toss up between Presuto with Star Bread, it’s an Italian meat and the star bread actually looks like an H, and my dad makes the BEST chicken and broccoli alfredo.

6. What is the last thing you bought?: Movie Tickets, Me and my yonger brother went to see Now You See Me 2.

7. Favorite book of all time?: The Help is my absolute favorite book and my favorite YA book is The Naturals Series by Jennifer Lyne Barnes.

8. Favorite Color?: Orange! I love it so much for my High School graduation gift my dad bought me an orange Cross Trek

9. Do you have any pets?: Nope, unless you count all my brothers.

10. Favorite Perfume?: I prefer body sprays, anything with a light floral or vanilla smell. Nothing too strong!

11. Favorite Holiday?: I was never a fan of holidays growing up, lots of family drama. I do like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

12. Are you married?: Nopeee.

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I have never left the USA.

14. Do you speak any other language?: Only English Fluently but my father speaks fluent greek. I am trying to learn through Rosetta Stone. I know the basics but I hope to become fluent.

15. How many siblings do you have?: I have 5 siblings. 1 older brother, 3 younger brothers and a younger sister.

16. What is your favorite shop?: My top favorite store is a toss between Barns and Noble and Michaels Craft store.

17. Favorite restaurant?: Umm I’m super spoiled when it comes to cooking, my Dad is a chef and so are my older brother and grandfather. My favorite childhood restaurant was near my late great-grandmother’s house and it has since shut down. I haven’t found a better restaurant yet but I will be moving just over an hour out of Boston in the fall so plenty of new places to try!

18. When was the last time you cried?: I don’t remember…

19. Favorite Blog?: I am just getting into other people’s blogs. For so long I have tried to keep my own but I always get away from it.

20. Favorite Movie?: It’s not really a movie but I love SyFy mini-series, my top favorite is Tin Man. My favorite DCOM is Luck of The Irish, and my favorite Disney/Pixar movie is UP. But my favorite Movie would have to be the fourth Harry Potter Film.

21. Favorite TV shows?: First and foremost Arrow, Stephen Amell is my Celebrity crush. Then Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds, NCIS and Girl Meets world (I watched the entirety of Boy meets world and I’m very invested in Cory Matthew’s story line)

22. PC or Mac?: PC 🙂

23. What phone do you have?: I have a Samsung Galaxy S5

24. How tall are you?: Somewhere between 5 foot 3 and 5 foot 4 (or about 160 cm)

25. Can you cook?: mhmm (:

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