3 Tips to a Healthy Post Break Up

Hi Yall!

So I was thinking about this last night. A few months ago, I think back in February I wrote about a guy who was at that point in my life. Well for maybe 3 months now he has not been in my life. I ended it and with it all communication between the two of us. We had no friendship before the relationship and for me, it was best to not have one following the end of the relationship.

There is plenty of stuff out there about eating ice cream or binging on TV right after a breakup but after the initial end not much about where to go from there. Here is what I did, and being the one to end it I went into the break up with my own kind of closure. That being said these tips might not be applicable to everyone.

  1. Reclaim your body!

This is so important, after the breakup every time I would brush my shoulder up against a wall or put my hand on my hip I would think of my ex doing the same thing. You should never have to avoid something because it reminds you of a past partner. Go for a massage or pamper yourself as a way to completely reclaim yourself. If you are on a time or price budget this could be as simple as buying a new scent of body wash and a new face cloth and having a long steamy shower.

      2. Listen to Your Favorite Music!

All those songs you compromised on because your partner wasn’t a fan, now is your chance to put them on repeat as loud as your speakers (and possible neighbors) will allow. Make a playlist/new pandora station/Spotify/youtube the shit out of and just remember why you love that music. It will bring you back to you. If you have maybe outgrown some older stuff, find wonderful new stuff to create new memories with, and get a friend or two to jam with you.

        3. Start a New Thing

This could be you start exercising once a week, anything from a walk to a class at the local gyms or yoga in front of your computer with a towel as a yoga mat. It could be going to a craft store and picking up one of those adult coloring books, it could be taking your camera and trying to get into amateur photography. Whatever it may be, go for it. Maybe you only stick with it for two or three days or maybe it sticks as a new hobby. However long it lasts it will help you start to think about things you are accomplishing by yourself and trust me there is no better feeling.

So there you pick a tip or try all 3. if you do I wanna know how it went you can leave a comment or you can tag me on Instagram or twitter @anamavre and with #3stepsforward.




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