Playing the Tape

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if I have written about it on this blog before but I have clinically diagnosed Anxiety and a part of anxiety is over analyzation. For me, it manifests as thinking of any possible situation that could happen, from the good to the bad, but focusing more on things going wrong.
This could be anything from big presentations, job interviews, internship opportunities, and family get-togethers to things on a much smaller scale like asking my boss for a day off to spend time with family or even sending an email.
My dad calls this process playing the tape. And for me, the best way to combat this symptom of my anxiety is to be kindly reminded when I am doing it. If someone does not tell me. I cannot pick up on it myself.
That is all to have to say tonight.
I know this post was kinda all over the place but it was on my mind and I wanted to get it written out. Have a good day/night


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