Things to Bring to College

Here is a packing list split into 2 sections. The first being absolute Necessities to bring to school with you. The second being things that are optional and could help make your day-to-day life easier. I’ve been looking all over Pinterest and other blogs and everything seems to include a bunch of extra stuff that is both expensive and unnecessary. So I tried to bring it down to the Bare Bones for those of us who don’t have an endless bank account. But if you have a little bit extra to spend feel free to look at the could make your day-to-day life a little easier section.

This is for students in a dorm room setting. I will be making another blog post that you should look for to accommodate students living in apartments. A few other back to school stuff will be coming in the future.

This list does not include school supplies, it is only for your physical dorm room. Like this post if you want me to do stationery haul and school supplies post of things that I will be getting for this upcoming school year.

Before you buy anything on this list, go to your colleges website and look at their list of banned items. Don’t buy it if its on their list.

So here it is.

Absolute Essentials.

1. 2x XL sheet set (pillow case, fitted sheet and flat sheet) get two so you have a set on your bed for the rare occasion you actually chamge your sheets.

2. 1-3 Pillows depending on your liking. The beds arent super wide so know there will be some layers if you have more then 1 pillow.

3. A comforter. This will be a big visual part of your room. Make sure it goes with whatever theme you have because you will be looking at it every day and so will anyone who comes into your room.

4. A mattress pad and protector. Pad is a piece of foam that will make your 20+ year old mattress more bearable. The protector is like a plastic fitted sheet that goes right over the mattress to keep vomit, urine or other gross whatever that previous occupants may have left behind.

5. 1 place set. You can bring dinning hall food/leftover pizza from the weekend into your room and its nicer to be eating with a real fork then a disposable one sometimes. And you are gonna want a plate and bowl to eat off of.

6. Hangers. Talk to your rommmate(s) and make sure you all get diffrent colors. In many schools each student will have their own closet space but not always.

7. Towles. Once again make sure you have a color besides white or black. This way you will know what is yours and what is not.

8. A Shower Catty.

9. Hanging Door Mirror.

10. A Laundry Basket and Laundry Soap.

11. A 6 plug extension cord/surge protector.

12. Headphones, your roomates may not like the same music or tv as you. If you wear headphones, they might too.

13. A Water Bottle.

14. A Desk Lamp.

15. Flashlight.

Optional but Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Batteries.

2. An Area Rug.

3. Dest Organizers.

4. A Body Pillow.

5. A Coffee Maker.

6. A White Board.

7. A Cork Board.

8. A First Aid Kit.

9. Playing Cards/Your Favorite Board Game.

10. A Throw Blanket.

11. Bed Riser.

12. Easy to Remove Wall Hooks.

13. Posters or Wall Art.

14. Desk Lamp.

15. Air Freshener.

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