Dreams are Ment to Be Followed

Quick late night post!

It is finally official enough for me to confidently tell… drum rollllll please!… after 3 semesters of community college and a semester of classes online I am officially going off and boarding at school this fall. Where you may ask and for what?

Thanks for asking! Endicott collage in Beverly Mass to study biology and biotechnology! Yes I know very sciencey! Man do I love my science. Yasssss for women in STEM pathways!! (Science, technology, engineering, and math!!)

The goal is still to go forth and join the feds as a kick ass forensic scientist! (Dont know if I have shared that lil tidbit with yall but IT IS SO FREAKING EXCITING!!)

So what should you pull from this my wonderful fresh baked sugar cookies, IF YOU HAVE A DREAM then don’t give up until you get what you want. It may take two years or ten years longer then you thought it would but in the end as long as you get to where your going its all that matters.

Sweet dreams and don’t stop until you get what you want!

Over the moon with happy butterflies,


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