10 things

Ten things I like

1. Rain, not to the point of pouring so hard that it sounds like it’s gonna break the window. Just hard enough for rain boots and umbrellas to seem justified. Enough to make puddles that my little brother will just happen to walk through hard enough to make the water splash onto my jeans. 

2. The smell of fresh hot chocolate made from scratch with homemade whipped cream. It smells like Christmas and high school snow days. The feeling of the first sip burning your throat because you’re so excited to drink it you couldn’t possibly wait for it to cool down.

3. When I meet a new dog and they just come right for you and kiss your hands and face. 

4. A painting I was given from my grandmother. It’s a little girl with long brown hair wearing a purple dress fit for a princess. It is framed in a light brown wooden frame that smells like cobwebs and old furniture. She passed away last year and it was one of the things she left for me. I sometimes think of how I will put it in my first little apartment near a photo of her.

5. The books 1 fish 2 fish and goodnight moon. When my brother was younger I would read them to him before bed. We read them so often he eventually started to read them with me. Well, it was more of, he had memorized the words and could recite them.

6. Lemons. Lemonade. Lemon cream sauce. Fresh squeeze lemon and steamed vegetables. I’m greek, lemon goes on everything.  

7. Piglet from Pooh Bear. Dispute his fear of everything he would always go on adventures with his friends and he was never afraid to ask for help when he needed it.

8. Science. Man I like science, well I have a lot of questions and finding answers is what I like. I also like when things blow up. Chemical reactions are beyond awesome. I like solving puzzles. Science is like one big puzzle.

9. Curiosity. Wonder, adventure, travel. This goes back to number 8.

10. Rocks that just happen to form recognizable shapes. Heart shaped rocks are especially my favorite but I also like long triangular rocks that could pass as a Christmas tree or when they look like letters.

*11 I know this is a list of 10 but I also really like walking on the edges of sidewalks and pretending I’m a tightrope walker or elite gymnast.


Ten things I don’t like so much

1. Carrots. Haven’t like them since I was a kid. Don’t like ranch that much either so that doesn’t help.

2. When I see someone I love cry. It’s especially awful if I had something to do with why they are upset.

3. Bugs with wings that don’t look like they can fly at first and then they go right for your face. Very scary, high risk of me screaming after.

4. Green smoothies. Smoothies a were great things and they are already healthy or at least more healthy than a waffle. Don’t try to add spinach or arugula. Who even likes arugula? *my apologies to arugula lovers*

5. The MSPCA Commercials in black and white with sad music in the background.

6. Laws against pitbulls. Pitbulls are so cute and so sweet. It’s the owners who make them fight who you should have laws against.

7. When you forget your bagel in the toaster until an hour later and then it’s hard and gross. 

8. When dogs die movies, gets me every time. I’m looking at you Marley and Me.

9. When really cool, super qualified people don’t get jobs for stupid reasons like visible tatoos, disibilities or how they dress.

10. When I get an assignment do on time but very few of my classmates do and the time gets pushed back. 

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