Rape Kits

Hello Darlings,

I did quite a bit of research into a very troubling topic, rape kits. This Powerpoint does not contain graphic images but it does go into the step by step procedure of administering a kit on a basic level that could act as trigger for some. It has some good sources on the last side if you are looking for further information.

Since this was only a class assignment, I urge you to look further than I did because this topic is relevant and it needs to be addressed.

Please look it over and as always I would love feedback for all of you,

Next time I will try to be a little more cheery. Just think a new semester is starting, spring is only a few months away and with the right legislation, we can bring justice to those without voices. Petition your local government, make your voice heard. Just because our new commander and chief doesn’t  seem care, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t!

I love you all, be safe and be happy



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