The Bold Type, Premier : Review

Hello Darlings,

It’s been a bit but I’m back! Senior year is around the corner, I am over half way through my semester long internship at a hospital lab and I am in desperate need of some new juicy drama in my life. Freeform (abc family as we know and love) has just put out a new pilot set themed around the magazine Cosmo. In the first two episodes, they have already covered different family dynamics, females in business, practicality vs dream jobs, sex/sex toys/orgasm, female oppression in other countries, and questioning your sexuality. This show has a stunning multicultural cast which is amazing (I am already crushing on Ryan and total girl crush for Kat!) I am so excited to find out more about these leading ladies as the show progresses over the rest of the summer.

What have you guys been up to this summer and any good TV recommendations??

I forgot how much I love this little space on the internet.

Write again soon




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